How To Install Dual Pedal Control Mechanism – For Drivers Training Vehicles

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As it is a known fact that safety first is always the preaching of the driving schools, again we are putting safety first in carrying out our daily job by ensuring that we all our instructional vehicles are fully equipped with the dual pedal control mechanism in order to promote safety all the way.

To install dual control, get a panel-beater to purchase a pedal or two for you, depending on you plan, if you want to have clutch and brake controlled, then you have to get two pedals and if you want to have clutch, brake and accelerator then you will require three pedals but I will recommend you have at least one pedal which is the brake, since you are constructing this locally, have two or three pedals may require a degree of expertise, in order to avoid confusion, I recommend you focus on the brake alone, this can always be used to slow down or even stop a trainee on the wheel, that refuses to take instruction or a trainee that is misunderstanding your instruction, to avoid finding yourself in terrible situation, God forbid. You will also require cable in a cable in a hose, hook, bolts similar to the ones in the diagram below.

Be aware that for effective functionality, the cable must pass through the passenger’s side to the engine compartment (bonnet) and from the bonnet through to the driver’s side and then connected to the brake pedal such that, when you press down the brake pedal from the passenger’s side, it also presses the brake pedal at the driver’s side as well because of the link between the two, at the same time when you release the pedal from the passenger’s side the brake by the driver’s side is also released.

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